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Featured Blogger: Sili Recio –

Our Feature blogger is Sili Recio of the popular blog MyMamihood.  Sili is a graduate of Rollins College with a degree in Psychology.  She has been in corporate America for over 13 years where she held positions in category management, business analysis and IT project management.

She has always considered herself a writer until she saw the movie Motherhood with Uma Thurman.  After seeing the movie on a Saturday she seriously considered blogging and by Tuesday she had her blog up and running. Sili was recently awarded the Emory O. Jackson Award for Outstanding Performance in Journalism for her work on her blog, My Mamihood.

Sili recently launched  Mami Ink Media, LLC a creative services company that will provide Dream Coaching, Social Media Management and Writing Services to businesses and individuals looking to leave their mark in the world.

o What do you believe helps differentiate your blog from others?
I think every blog is special because every person puts his or her heart and soul into it. Although my blogging career began after I entered into Mamihood, part of the reason I started was because I wanted people to see and understand that there’s more to motherhood than being a mami. We juggle, deal with and contribute so much more. I feel that my blog shows all of the different facets of my life and that’s what makes it unique.

o Tell us about your audience and what kind of content and information are they are looking for.
I have mamis that tell me they read my posts because they can laugh. I also have mamis that tell me they love my blog because of the heartfelt posts that I sometimes give them. Ultimately, my audience connects with content that touches them. They are looking for what I’m reading, perhaps a little help on something they are going through, for laughter, for perspective and ultimately? I think they’re looking for a little inspiration. The one group of readers that I didn’t expect is my mamis with no children, though.

o How do brands work with you to reach your audience?
Brands work with me by allowing me to write about their products within the scope of my world. I feel that’s something my readers connect with and I’m grateful for that.

o Do you ever refuse to review products you don’t use or believe in?
Absolutely. I feel very strongly that if I can’t be genuine about a product I can’t write about it.

o Do you support any particular non-profit organization or cause through your blog?
Last year I had a Relay for Life team. This is actually the first year since 2004 that I haven’t participated because it was a little difficult with losing mami last February. I am always looking for any way that I can help my community personally, though. I believe that it takes a village and we all have to chip in.

o Do you have news about any recent or upcoming campaign news that you would like to share?
I’ve recently launched my own business so that’s the big big news currently in my life ( It feels suspiciously like giving birth except that I can have the celebratory drink since I’m not nursing.

o What advice would you have for a Latina who is thinking about starting a blog but may not know where/how to begin? What can you tell them about maintaining balance between home and work?
I would tell them to go for it! There are plenty of resources out there (like LMB!) including other bloggers. I’ve found such a supportive community out there, willing to help me navigate the waters. As far as balance? That’s been difficult from the time I was in corporate America. However, I know that careers and jobs can come and go but family is forever. While there may be a time when imbalance is necessary, we must always be clear as to who we are willing and ok with disappointing in the long run.

o Do you have Twitter, Facebook or other social media contact information you would like to share? Me? Twitter?
Oh yes! You can find me @MyMamihood as well as @MamiInkMedia. If you are navigating Facebook, be sure to stop by the ‘hood at

o If you weren’t a full time blogger, what other field can you see yourself working in?
A trophy wife. I kid! I kid! I was an IT project manager in my last life. I certainly enjoyed that job. Before that? I was a book buyer. Probably my favorite. I’ve always wanted to write but if I wasn’t a blogger and I had my druthers I’d be doing exactly what I’m doing over at Mami Ink Media. I find that I always gravitate towards helping others and I feel that I can do that best when I’m empowering others to live out their dreams.

o Tell us about three people that you admire and why?
My mind just went blank and I can only think of one: my mami. She was not only my best friend but also the type of woman that everyone gravitated towards. Not because of her possessions or social standing but because of her heart. Mami was genuine and strong beyond measure right to the end. And she never let anyone dictate her actions. She lived life by her rules and most of her rules gravitated around family and love, caring and giving.

o What is the best book you’ve recently read and why?
I don’t like book questions. Too many books I love and I’m usually reading a few at a time. I am in the middle of the last book in the Hunger Games trilogy and I’m loving it. YA fiction is a favorite of mine and it makes me sad to think about how so many people pass up on such great literature because it says “YA” on it. That’s like me passing up a cute blouse because it’s in the juniors section. It should just not be done.

o What is your favorite life or business quote? Before I answer that I want to say that I created a quotes database for myself years back. I have about 20 pages of favorites. But one quote? My current signature holds this quote by Paulo Coelho: “You have to take risks. We will only understand the miracle of life fully when we allow the unexpected to happen.” I try to live by that in life and in business.

o Can you share what is the most important business habit you have?
The most important habit? I don’t give up. I get up every day and do all I can. I also allow myself those days when there’s just too much going on and I need a break but then I dust myself off and get back in the game. If I say I’m following my dreams then, I have to keep moving right along with them.


9 Responses to “Featured Blogger: Sili Recio –”

  1. Karina Fernández — July 24, 2012 @ 5:35 pm Reply

    You are truly an inspiration, mami Sili. Congratulations!!!

  2. Nadiuska Santana — July 24, 2012 @ 10:35 pm Reply

    I truly enjoyed reading your interview and learned more about what you’ve done and want to do. I wanna share with you and everyone who reads this that I am proud of you and I highly appreciate you. You are a great inspiration for many women including myself. I’ve learn a lot from you and although I’ve never shared this with you know, that your are my roll model. I am blessed to have you as a family member and will always be thankful for that. May your dreams keep becoming true with the help of the Lord. Love you!

    • Sili M. Recio — July 25, 2012 @ 4:56 pm Reply

      Wow Nadius! Thank you so much for your beautiful words. They mean a lot to me, primita. I am here for whatever you might need. <3 <3 <3

  3. Cristy Clavijo-Kish — July 30, 2012 @ 3:16 pm Reply

    Great story Sili! Loved meeting you ‘en persona’ at Hispanicize.. looking forward to continued sharing.. saludos!! 

  4. Myrah - Coupon Mamacita — August 9, 2012 @ 9:48 pm Reply

    Awwww Amiguita! You are so an inspiration! It was a true pleasure bonding with you during BlogHer! Keep up the great work! Perseverancia VENCE!

  5. Day Q — November 18, 2012 @ 1:55 pm Reply

    I happen to bump into this feature and I must say that after reading, it I’m left with questions about myself. This article made me feel motivated and stirred up my curiosity as to what can I do to connect and help others.

  6. @ciaobellamama — December 23, 2012 @ 9:35 am Reply

    Gracias por esta entrevista Muy Inspirador y realmente un ejemplo a seguir Que sigan los exitos!!!

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